By Matthew Brown

The Montrose Composer's Club is proud to present a dynamic debut concert at the unique setting of the The Brewery Tap gallery space. Having founded the Club only recently in September 2015, Anna Braithwaite has put her incredible enthusiasm and creativity into overdrive to galvanise the vibrant team of fellow composers who make up the MCC to put on their first concert, MCCI. All members of the club will also perform their compositions in this unique and memorable collaboration.

I have written a short and fast Russian-inspired folk-tune for a trio of mandolin, viola and accordion to perform with specific players in mind: Aidan Shepherd, Phil Self, and myself. I will also play an improvisation on my electric violin and perform a duo improvisation with Aidan, with whom I have regularly practiced improvising.

As one of the players, I will also be participating in the premiere of the haunting instrumental version of Anna's recent project, Pent House Music and Ian Fleming's new delicate composition for viola and piano.